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Archive for the 'Willow Garage' Category

Hands-on training with the PR2

I wrote an article about the PR2 learning without programming, published by Gizmag. Read it here.

Videos: PR2 Folds Laundry, Vintage SDR-3X, Transforming Robots

A few videos: Willow Garage’s PR2 folds a pair of jeans thanks to work by UC Berkeley researcher; a vintage video of SONY’s SDR-3X robot on display at ROBODEX 2000; and a compilation video showing Kenji Ishida’s transforming robots.

Willow Garage’s PR2 SE, The One-Armed Bandit

A one-armed version of the PR2 is now available.

This Week’s Robot Video Round-Up

A batch of interesting videos that surfaced online recently.

PR2 Learns To Sense What Can’t Be Seen or Scanned

The PR2 can now sense how much effort is being exerted when lifting or pushing objects to determine whether the object is full or not.

PR2 Gets Practical with Enhanced Cart Pushing Capabilities

The PR2 gets improved cart-pushing performance.

PR2 Polishes The Knob (While Folding Socks), Gets Artsy

The PR2 Quick Start Contest is over, and the winning entry is presented.

PR2 Performs Midi Files

The PR2 performs a couple of songs on a keyboard by interpreting midi files.