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Archive for the 'Willow Garage' Category

PR2 Safety Video Doesn’t Warn of Robot Uprisings

Recognize the dangers and risks associated with unfeeling mechanical men with this helpful video.

PR2 Plays Pool, Hustles Its Own Programmers

Willow Garage’s versatile open source robot continues to impress by learning how to play pool.

Willow Garage Knows How to Throw a Party

GetRobo has posted some funny videos from Willow Garage’s PR2 Launch Event.

Willow Garage Announces PR2 Recipients

Willow Garage has announced the participants in their PR2 Open Beta Program, a $4.4M research initiative.

The PR2 Learns to Fold Your Laundry

The PR2 is being taught to fold laundry, like a good personal robot should.

Up Close and Personal with Kojiro

A video showcasing Kojiro, a humanoid robot with redundant actuators that simulates the human bone and muscle system.

Willow Garage on their PR2 Beta Program

Willow Garage has posted some nice videos that are adding fuel to the fire of their PR2 Beta Program that will soon be giving away 10 world-class robots.

Willow Garage’s Mailbox Flooded for PR2 Beta Program

Willow Garage’s PR2 Beta Program has received more than 100 letters of intent from robotics teams around the world.