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Archive for the 'SONY' Category

• Rolly

SONY’s robotic music player is a small egg-shaped device that can dance and light up to the beat of a song.

• Q.taro

Similar to SONY’s Rolly, this early SONY spherical robot could play music and move autonomously without falling off of ledges.

Proof That You Can’t Keep A Good Robot Down

Some lucky students got to go to a QRIO Summer School where lecturers from around the world gathered to study evolutionary linguistics in early September 2009.

AIBO’s 10th Anniversary

ROBOSQUARE recently held a celebration in honor of SONY AIBO’s 10th Anniversary.


SONY’s last AIBO was the ERS-7 which came to market in late 2003. It boasted a variety of new and improved functionality, making it the most advanced commercially available entertainment robot to date.