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Archive for the 'Takeshi Maeda' Category

Takeshi Maeda’s back with OmniZero.13

A brief glimpse of Takeshi Maeda’s latest hobby robot fighter.

ROBO-ONE 18th: OmniShibatan & More Compete

Videos from ROBO-ONE 18th’s technical challenges.

Takeshi Maeda’s Latest Robot Smacks You With A Smile

Takeshi Maeda has been working on a new competitor for upcoming ROBO-ONE competitions.

Takeshi Maeda completes latest robot!

New photos emerge of Takeshi Maeda’s latest monster robot!

Takeshi Maeda’s Latest Robot W.I.P.

Takeshi Maeda is building a new robot to compete at the upcoming ROBO-ONE tournament.

Videos and photos from 16th ROBO-ONE in Toyama

Some video and photos of the robots competing at the 16th Robo-One event in Toyama.

OmniZero.9 Transforms into vehicle, Mecha!

OmniZero.9’s secret abilities finally revealed!

Takeshi Maeda’s OmniZero.9 – complete *robogasm*

It appears that Takeshi Maeda has fully assembled his latest robot, OmniZero.9! It’s amazing!