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Archive for the 'Panasonic' Category

EVOLTA Traveler’s Farewell Party

Panasonic held a press “farewell party” for their latest EVOLTA robot, designed to show off their new line of rechargeable batteries.

Panasonic Announces EVOLTA World Challenge III

Panasonic announces its latest challenge to showcase their batteries’ incredible staying power.


Panasonic’s autonomous hospital delivery robot is being sold to South Korea hospitals with the first being deployed in May 2010.


Tomotaka Takahashi took some time out of his schedule to give a presentation of his robots at ROBOBASE, a robot store based in Nagoya, Japan.

Evolta Gets New Paint Job

Evolta gets a new color scheme for Panasonic’s new rechargeable batteries.

Remember Evolta’s World Record?

Panasonic has updated their YouTube channel with several videos chronicling the events surrounding their world record setting achievement with their Evolta robot.

Panasonic’s Future Outlook on Robotics & Health Care

Panasonic held a seminar where they revealed the plans for their robotics division over the next 6 years.

• Delivery Robot

Panasonic’s Delivery Robot was tested in a hotel, but will likely find a permanent home in hospitals in the future.