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Archive for the 'Panasonic' Category

• PorterBot

Panasonic’s PorterBot is designed to carry up to 20kg (44lbs), and will autonomously follow you while avoiding obstacles.

Panasonic develops real-life Roujin-Z robotic bed

Panasonic has developed a robotic bed that can transform into a wheelchair.

Evolta cellphone charm coming soon…

Panasonic is selling an Evolta minifig / cellphone charm with a 12-pack of Evolta batteries.

Evolta @ Le Mans 24 hours (video)

Network World TV has posted a video showing Evolta setting its record at Le Mans 24 hours.

Evolta sets New World Record at Le Mans 24hours!

Evolta set a new world record August 5th 2009 for “the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car”.

Up Close & Personal with Evolta 2.0

Panasonic held a press event before sending Evolta 2.0 off to the race track.

• Evolta

Tomotaka Takahashi was approached by Panasonic to create a robotic mascot for their Evolta brand of batteries. The resulting robot was designed to climb a rope, and was tested on the Grand Canyon!

Evolta’s next challenge announced: Le Mans 24hrs

On June 12th 2009 Panasonic officially announced that their Evolta robot, powered by 2 AA batteries, would attempt a new world record at Le Mans 24 hours in France.