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Archive for the 'Carnegie Mellon' Category

Soft & Squishy robots could replace pill cameras

I wrote an article about Carnegie Mellon University’s soft ingestible robots, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

AndyVision: Retail in the Year 2020?

A robot programmed to keep track of store inventory might transform the retail experience of the future.

The USA’s Magnificent 7 Full-Size Humanoids

A historic deal with South Korea paves the way for humanoid robots in the United States.

IROS 2011: CMU’s Miniature Jumping & Gliding Robot

A cool mini robot being developed at CMU’s NanoRobotics Lab that can jump several feet into the air and glide on its way down.

Two TED Talks By Two Female Techies

Two video presentations by two female roboticists.

• SnackBot

Carnegie Mellon is developing a robot that can interact with people using natural language in an office environment.