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Archive for the 'ROPID' Category

Sneak Peek at “The Boy Who Wanted To Meet A Mermaid”

Tomotaka Takahashi’s ROPID stars in a short film by young director Taijin Takeuchi.

ROPID’s Film Debut Coming Later This Month

ROPID’s shot film is coming in late March.

ROBO-GARAGE Demonstrates ROPID (again)

Tomotaka Takahashi gave a lecture at Tokyo University and presented some of his robot creations.

Videos: Yobotics’ Biped & ASIMO running in HD

Three videos: Yobotics’ biped informational video, K. Moriyama captures ASIMO running in HD, and ROBO-GARAGE joined Youtube. Head on over and subscribe!


Tomotaka Takahashi has created a humanoid robot that can jump 1/4 of its body height and respond to voice commands.