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Archive for the 'Buddy & FR-i' Category

Robots Included in TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010

TIME’s best inventions of 2010 includes many robots, but it could always use a few more.

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010, held at COEX in Seoul South Korea.

Kids say Robot Teachers are “easy” & “fun”

Kids seem to like their robotic substitutes in South Korea, where a trial is being conducted to test the efficacy of the replacement English teachers.

Failing Grade for Robot Teachers in Korean Classrooms?

Robots teaching English in South Korean classrooms don’t appear to be doing a very good job.

Even More Robots Infiltrate Korean Schools!

Robots may replace some English teachers in South Korean classrooms come February 2010.

• Buddy & FR-i

KIST developed an expressive face robot called Buddy, which we look at in this video.

KIST Technology Exhibit 2009

KIST held an open house technology exhibit. Also, a video of Mahru III copying a human’s motions.