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Archive for the 'NEC' Category

NEC announces PaPeRo rental service

NEC is opening the lid on their communication robot PaPeRo with a new 3-year lease program open to corporations and researchers.

• Pivo-kun

Nissan and NEC are co-developing a robotic agent that sits in the dashboard of your car, and acts as a navigator. It also watches your face for signs of stress or tiredness.

NEC’s PaPeRo testing gestural speech software

NEC continues to improve their speech synthesis software using their communication robot PaPeRo.

• PaPeRo

The successor to NEC’s R100 robot, PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal Robot) is a communication robot that moves around on wheels and understands a large vocabulary of words.

• R100

NEC’s R100 was developed in 1997 to break through the barriers dividing people and computers. Some people are unable to use a computer because they are too young, too old, or simply computer illiterate. A personal robot gives them access to some of the life-changing innovations that computers made possible, without the need for keyboards or special training.

NEC holds PaPeRo Workshop at Osaka’s “Robot Showroom”

Osaka’s Robot Showroom is open to the public from August 4th ~ 9th, allowing visitors to get some hands-on time with NEC’s delightful communication robot PaPeRo.