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Archive for the 'ZMP' Category

NUVO Commercial Rekindles Robot Love

We’d like a NUVO, but we can’t justify the price. :(

ZMP Reveals New Educational Humanoid Platform?

ZMP’s President let slip the first video of his company’s latest educational robot platform.

NIT’s e-nuvo HUMANOID Needs A Name

NIT is holding a contest to name their in-house e-nuvo HUMANOID robot.

Micro Robot Electric Vehicle RoboCar G

ZMP’s latest educational product is the RoboCar G, a single passenger micro electric vehicle developed with Subaru and Sanyo.

ZNUG Design’s Kota Nezu on Humanoid Robot Design

Designer Kota Nezu talks about the process and philosophy behind his design for ZMP’s e-nuvo HUMANOID robot.

A closer look at ZMP’s RoboCar

Designer Kota Nezu talks about his work on ZMP’s RoboCar, an educational platform for studying autonomous vehicles.

• e-nuvo HUMANOID

NIT, ZMP, ZNUG Design, and Harada Vehicle Design have created the e-nuvo HUMANOID, a robot which will be used to promote science in school classrooms.


This playful entertainment robot can play music streamed wirelessly from your PC and send photos it takes through its own eyes to your cellphone.