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Archive for the 'ZMP' Category

ZMP Positioning Miuro as a Service Robot

The robotic music player is now being positioned as a service robot to keep an eye on the elderly for security purposes.

Video: Miuro controlled using iPod Touch interface

ZMP posted a video of their musical robot, Miuro, being controlled via iPod Touch.

• Miuro

ZMP’s robotic music player Miuro can follow your around the house, and won’t fall of ledges or bump into things thanks to its sensors.

• e-nuvo Power Wheel

ZMP began taking orders for a new 2-wheeled self-balancing robot vehicle kit.

Video: A look inside PINO

ZMP has posted video that shows us the inside of PINO using its digital model.


PINO, designed primarily by Hiroaki Kitano and Tatsuya Matsui (who would later form Flower Robotics), was an attempt at creating a standardized open platform for robotics.

• RoboCar Z

ZMP’s RoboCar is a robotics development platform intended for universities and businesses interested in implementing embedded systems in automobiles.