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Archive for the 'Evolta' Category

ROBO-GARAGE Demonstrates ROPID (again)

Tomotaka Takahashi gave a lecture at Tokyo University and presented some of his robot creations.


Tomotaka Takahashi took some time out of his schedule to give a presentation of his robots at ROBOBASE, a robot store based in Nagoya, Japan.

Evolta Gets New Paint Job

Evolta gets a new color scheme for Panasonic’s new rechargeable batteries.

Evolta cellphone charm coming soon…

Panasonic is selling an Evolta minifig / cellphone charm with a 12-pack of Evolta batteries.

• Evolta

Tomotaka Takahashi was approached by Panasonic to create a robotic mascot for their Evolta brand of batteries. The resulting robot was designed to climb a rope, and was tested on the Grand Canyon!