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Archive for the 'PaPeRo' Category

Video: What Happens When Toilets Become Robotized?

A clip from Zenjiro’s comedy routine with PaPeRo.

PaPeRo Could Arrive In Japanese Homes Next Year

It looks as though NEC’s cute little communication robot may finally be on the path to practicality.

Video: PaPeRo Finally Gets Self-Charging Station

It’s amazing to me that it has taken this long, but you know what they say: it’s better late than never.  Someone has finally gotten around to designing a self-charging station for NEC’s communication robot PaPeRo.  Like Yujin Robot’s iRobiQ, PaPeRo can now autonomously find and dock to its power station when it gets low […]

Chinese Company Rips Off Another Japanese Robot

A Chinese robot that looks nearly identical to NEC’s PaPeRo appeared recently.

NEC Experimenting With PaPeRo Telepresence

PaPeRo could find work as a telepresence robot.

NEC Strikes Comedy Gold With Latest PaPeRo Promo Video

NEC’s PaPeRo gets a loud cheering squad in a funny promo video.

PaPeRo Encourages Old Folks To Get Out More

A new trial to test how PaPeRo fares in the real world.

PaPeRo Sings Adorable Version of “Ponyo”

More singing robots from the Digital Content Expo 2010.