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Archive for the 'Kokoro Co. Ltd.' Category

86 Year Old “Living National Treasure” Gets Android Duplicate

An android based on rakugo storyteller Katsura Beicho (86) was unveiled at a theatre in Osaka Japan, where it will perform in ten minute intervals for audiences from August 1st.  “Looking at the various parts, there are certain similarities,” he said as he watched it perform, but was quick to add it made him feel […]

Geminoid Summit

An unusual gathering of androids and their human counterparts took place in March.

What’s Not To Love About The Geminoids?

The first videos of the Geminoid DK.

New Geminoid Heading To Denmark In April

A new Geminoid is being built to resemble Aalborg University’s Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe.

Photos: Actroid Appears at Sanrio Exhibition

Some photos of Kokoro’s Actroid, a female android.

Actroid / Geminoid-F On Stage in “Farewell”

The latest female android from ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. is being used in a stage play.

The Uncanny Valley Is Strong With This One

AIST held an “open lab” day where they demonstrated some of the robotics technology currently in the works.

Amazing Videos of HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project

Video of the HRP-4C Dancing Robot Project from the Digital Content Expo 2010.