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Archive for the 'Kokoro Co. Ltd.' Category

Actroid-F Stars in Stage Play “Farewell”

The latest model of Geminoid / Actroid will star alongside human actors in an upcoming stage play.

Kokoro Co. Ltd. Releases New Video of Actroid-F

A short video featuring the latest female robot from Kokoro/ATR.

Robot Marriages On The Rise

Kokoro’s I-FAIRY played the role of marriage witness at a Japanese couple’s wedding recently.

Historical Recreation with Kokoro’s Actroids

Nara Prefecture is celebrating its capital’s 1300th anniversary with seasonal events, including this display presented by an Actroid.

• Geminoid-F

ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. have unveiled the latest in their line of realistic androids known as Geminoids.

• CB²

JST’s ERATO Asada Project developed this robot to study human cognitive development, such as sensory-motor organization, language acquisition, and more.

Dr. Javier Movellan Jumps to the Defense of Diego-San

Dr. Movellan responded to the critics of UCSD Machine Perception Lab’s baby robot, Diego-San.

• Diego-San

Diego-San is a big robot baby with a realistic animatronic head developed by the USCD Machine Perception Lab with the help of Kokoro Co. Ltd. to improve human-robot communication.