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Archive for the 'Waseda University' Category

Waseda University Opens New RT Frontier

Waseda University’s New RT Frontier offers the public a rare chance to see and interact with cutting-edge robots in person.

• OriHime

A communication robot with an abstract female appearance.

• Kiyomori

TMSUK’s full-size samurai robot.

Humanoid Robots Do The Shuffle & Slip at ICRA 2011

A presentation from ICRA 2011 shows how bipedal robots can turn by shuffling rather than stepping.

Toyota Teaches TWENDY-ONE Some Manners

TWENDY-ONE now has the ability to safely and quickly move to avoid bumping into people as they pass each other.

SCHEMA Engages in Multiparty Conversation

Waseda University’s 3rd generation conversational robot speaks with two separate groups of people.

A Quick Chat With ROBISUKE

Kobayashi Lab’s conversational robot Robisuke gives directions to a human partner in this demonstration video of its natural language interaction capabilities.

CoCoNatch Delivers Your All-Important Tweets

A potentially popular robotics gadget that connects to your PC and communicates based on twitter updates.