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Archive for the 'Waseda University' Category


TWENDY-ONE remains one of the world’s most advanced humanoid robots in existence. Built on the foundation of years of research by Waseda University’s Sugano Lab, it was designed to serve and support the elderly to live independently.

• WAMOEBA Project

Sugano Lab, one of Waseda University’s robotics laboratories, worked for more than a decade on robots with basic survival mechanisms that they hypothesized would give rise to emotion and intelligence.


Following in the steps of Sugano Lab’s Hadaly-2, WENDY is a humanoid robot developed by Waseda University in 1998. It could successfully crack open eggs with its hands and has a high degree of compliance in its arms.

• Hadaly & Hadaly-2

Hadaly and Hadaly-2 were developed in the mid-to-late ’90s by Waseda University’s Sugano Lab to be symbiotic robots capable of coexisting safely with human beings.


ROBISUKE, developed circa 2003, is (Waseda University) Kobayashi Lab’s 2nd conversational robot. It has a greater focus on conversational rhythm and paralinguistics (i.e. head gesture and facial expression recognition).