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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

It’s never too early to start the Xmas marketing…

RoboBuilder and Vstone have begun marketing their products for the holiday gift season.

• I-Sobot

Takara Tomy’s I-Sobot was once the World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot in production.

Mind-blowing videos of Micro Mouse Maze Solving

Robolabo’s XT-1 Micro Mouse robot solves complex mazes in mere seconds. Must be seen to be believed!

The 1st Humanoid-Only UEC Rescue Robot Contest

Osaka’s Electro-Communications University held a humanoid-only Rescue Contest

Toko Toko Tachikoma

A cute new toy based on Ghost in the Shell’s adorable spider tank is out and its cheap enough to make a great stocking stuffer!

Footage from the 2nd U1K Robot Fight

11 robots, including Robovie-nanos and JO-ZEROs, competed at the 2nd U1K Robot Fight in Akihabara, Tokyo.

RoboFight 10 Day Two Highlights

The 2nd Day of RoboFight 10 brought out the heavy hitters in an orgy of robot destruction.

Own your own (pretty big) Gundam Statue

Bandai’s 1/12th scale Gundam statue is 5 feet tall, so now you can feel the awesomeness of the giant Gundam statue all year round in your very own living room.