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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

Own your own (pretty big) Gundam Statue

Bandai’s 1/12th scale Gundam statue is 5 feet tall, so now you can feel the awesomeness of the giant Gundam statue all year round in your very own living room.


Kondo’s KHR-1HV is an upgraded version of the 2HV, and is one of the most popular DIY hobby kits on the market.


Besttechnology Co. Ltd. has a new humanoid robot kit for sale which uses Robotis Dynamixel servos but can be programmed in C.

3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping for Robots & Art

3D printing technology is gradually become ubiquitous, but depending on the size and purpose of your project there are still few options available. This article will hopefully help point you in the right direction.

Video post (Eporo, robot hand, Omniduino)

A trio of videos showcasing Nissan’s Eporo from CEATEC 2009, a cool robotic hand interface from Innovation Japan 2009, and a cool hacked Omnibot.

• Tetsujin 28-gō

Vstone & ROBO-GARAGE teamed up to create this robotic tribute to Tetsujin 28-gō.

• Robovie-PC

Vstone unveiled a new high-end humanoid robot kit for serious hobbyists and researchers.


ROBO-ONE GATE, a one-on-one robot battle tournament, called for contestants to dress up their robots as those seen in famous Sunrise animated tv shows.