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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

Acrobatic robot goes to town on the horizontal bar

An acrobatic robot goes to town on the horizontal bar.

Chinese Shadow Puppetry given New Life thanks to Robotics

Kids are breathing new life into a traditional Chinese art form thanks to robotics in the classroom.

Videos and photos from 16th ROBO-ONE in Toyama

Some video and photos of the robots competing at the 16th Robo-One event in Toyama.

OmniZero.9 Transforms into vehicle, Mecha!

OmniZero.9’s secret abilities finally revealed!


RT Corporation has created a character-based humanoid robot that can be bought or rented by companies looking to boost product awareness.

Three little Kappa bots

Three videos featuring different robots based on Kappa from Japanese folklore.

Takeshi Maeda’s OmniZero.9 – complete *robogasm*

It appears that Takeshi Maeda has fully assembled his latest robot, OmniZero.9! It’s amazing!

Takeshi Maeda’s latest robot will conquer Japan, Earth TBD

Takeshi Maeda’s latest photos of his work-in-progress show off the robot’s mighty upper body.