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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

RoboBuilder Launching New Big & Small Robots

RoboBuilder will launch two new humanoid kits this year catering to very different markets.

Attending ICRA 2011? Compete to win a DARwIn-OP

Robotis is holding a contest that will give away a DARwIn-OP, among other prizes, for cool projects at ICRA 2012.

Robots in Advertising: Samsung Galaxy Xmas Hugs

RT Corp’s robot mascot joins forces with the Samsung Galaxy tab to give out hugs!

Video: The 1st Hobby Robot To Ride A Bicycle

The world’s first hobby-level robot that can ride a bicycle.

BioROBO Takes Its First Steps

The BioROBO is up and running, sort of.

RT-RIC30 & BioROBO Get Kinected

Two more humanoids are using Microsoft Kinect to mimic human movements.

Innovati Offers Alternative Miniature Robot Hands

A pair of miniature hands for hobby humanoid kits that is half the price of the original Melissa Hands accessory.


A new competitively priced educational humanoid robot kit from Taiwan.