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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

KHR-3HV Gets “Achilles”, A New Parallel-Linked Leg

Hobbyists can give their Kondo’s KHR-3HV robot kit a new set of legs thanks to Crafthouse’s new product.

Farrell Robotics Free-Styling at RoboGames 2010

A video showing some impressive hobby robots built by Farrell Robotics in the U.S.A.!

3rd Spanish Bipedal Robot Competition Held

Bipedolandia held the third Spanish hobby robot tournament in Madrid.

Bow tied Bioloid Premiums Dance to “Sorry, Sorry”

Bioloid Premium kits awkwardly dance while I reminisce about SONY’s canceled robotics projects.

Hexapod Robots Having Fun

Japanese hobbyists get out there multi-legged robots for a bit of fun.

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010, held at COEX in Seoul South Korea.

TINYWAVE Bipedal Hobby Robot Now Available

Tomio Sugiura’s original bipedal hobby robot, TINYWAVE, is now up for sale. Mr. Sugiura designed the robot with Jeon Chang-Hoon of South Korea.

Dr. GIY’s Dancing Cat Robot

An exceptional dance routine by Dr. GIY using one of his Manoi AT01 robots.