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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

Budapest Hosts Bacarobo (Stupid Robot) Europe 2010

Bacarobo Europe 2010 got underway with hilarious results.

Igaa-san’s 4-legged, 4-wheeled Tachikoma-like

A cool new hobby robot that resembles the spider-like Tachikoma mecha seen in Ghost in the Shell.

Videos: Senba Robot Fashion Contest 2010

Videos from the Semba Robot Fashion Contest.

Blacklister – The ROBO-ONE Movie

Blacklister, a movie about the hobby robot tournament ROBO-ONE, is being screened in Japan.

Dekinokka 6! Robot Pro Wrestling

Biped Robot News Japan brings home the bacon from Dekinokka 6, a wacky Robot Pro-Wrestling tournament that took place over the weekend.