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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

Hinamitetu’s Robot Evolves…

Hinamitetu’s ongoing quest to build the perfect horizontal bar gymnast robot continues, with surprising results!

U1K (Under 1kg) Robot Fight

The third Under 1kg Robot Fight was held on January 9th. I’ve edited some great footage from the event taken by Iketomu, who maintains an English blog called Biped Robot News Japan.

So um, toys are getting pretty realistic…

Check out the authentic likeness on this 12″ Terminator toy. It could almost pass for the real thing!

• Hex Bugs

Bandai’s Hex Bug line of desktop toys are simple miniature robots that can react thanks to their sound, light, and touch sensors.

Home-made Horizontal Bar Gymnastic Robot

A hobbyist has built an acrobatic robot that can swing on the horizontal bar, though it’s not ready to compete professionally for the time being…

Even More Robots Infiltrate Korean Schools!

Robots may replace some English teachers in South Korean classrooms come February 2010.

• Manoi PF01

Kyosho’s Manoi PF01 is a robot kit with an exquisite outer body, designed by Tomotaka Takahashi of ROBO-GARAGE. It sells for approximately $2000 USD.

• Remo

A new humanoid robot kit is available in Japan that is well equipped to handle image processing tasks.