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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (HOBBY)' Category

Vstone’s 6th Robo Pro Station Challenge Cup

A new under-1kg class was added to the many events that took place, allowing Robovie-nanos to compete.

Assembling the Robovie-nano

An article was posted on Impress Robot Watch explaining how to assemble the Robovie-nano.

Neato Robotics’ Laser Ranger Finder a Boon to Hobbyists?

Neato Robotics’ new robotic vacuum cleaner, the XV-11, comes with a cheap laser range finder that could bring better SLAM capabilities to hobby robot builders everywhere.

Dancing Doll-RZ Puts Classic Automatons to Shame

A hobbyist has combined their love of dolls and robots to produce a modern day automaton that can walk and dance.

The Sharper Image Coin-Counting Robot Bank

The Sharper Image has a new talking robot bank, but it somehow doesn’t compare to the ’80s version released by Tomy.

“Plawres Sanshiro” Now A Reality, Three Decades Later

Fans of Minoru Kamiya’s anime series Plawres Sanshiro will get a chance to own a hobby robot kit based on one his designs thanks to Poseidon’s “Mad Hurricane” kit.

GoTalk Vstone Lite: Speech Recognition & Synthesis

GoTalk Vstone Lite is a new interactive speech interface for hobby robot kits developed by Vstone in partnership with Agilingua.

13th Itabashi Industry Fair Robot Contest

The 13th Itabashi Industry Fair Robot Contest introduced stiff new rules concerning the robots’ walking style.