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Archive for the 'Vstone' Category

Vstone’s Robot Marathon Concludes After Grueling 55 Hours

Vstone’s robot marathon concluded.

Vstone’s Robots Compete in World’s 1st Robot Marathon

The world’s 1st true robot marathon will take place in Japan this month.

Vstone Updates Its Website, Begins Selling Robotic Cars

Vstone has updated its website for 2011 and challenges ZMP for dominance in the robotic car market.

Kondo’s KHR-3HV Gets Linux Backpack

Kondo’s KHR-3HV gets a serious upgrade allowing for more autonomy and Tsukumo Robot Kingdom has a fantastic deal on the RB2000 robot kit.

Assembling the Robovie-nano

An article was posted on Impress Robot Watch explaining how to assemble the Robovie-nano.

GoTalk Vstone Lite: Speech Recognition & Synthesis

GoTalk Vstone Lite is a new interactive speech interface for hobby robot kits developed by Vstone in partnership with Agilingua.

It’s never too early to start the Xmas marketing…

RoboBuilder and Vstone have begun marketing their products for the holiday gift season.

The 1st Humanoid-Only UEC Rescue Robot Contest

Osaka’s Electro-Communications University held a humanoid-only Rescue Contest