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Archive for the 'Virginia Tech RoMeLa' Category

A Little Love for Team DARwIn

Gizmodo inadvertently disses the U.S. competitors at RoboCup 2010 – this is to show the team a little love.


Virginia Tech’s Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory has designed and built an open platform humanoid robot which uses Robotis servos.

CHARLI-L Introduces Itself

Virginia Tech’s large humanoid robot CHARLI-L speaks!

CHARLI-L takes its first steps

A video of Virginia Tech RoMeLa’s recently unveiled humanoid robot CHARLI-L taking a stroll.


CHARLI holds the distinction for being the first complete (upper and lower body) full-sized humanoid robot built in the United States. Dr. Dennis Hong and his team at VA Tech’s RoMeLa will use CHARLI to compete in RoboCup’s Humanoid League (Adult class) this summer.