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Archive for the 'NASA' Category

Videos: Tichno Ad, Chinese Segways, MIT Cheetah, & Curiosity

Four robot videos: Vstone Tichno appears in a television commercial, a Segway-like vehicle developed in China, a balancing experiment using the tail of MIT’s Cheetah, and a nice summary of the Mars rover Curiosity.

Video: Robonaut 2 Put To Work Aboard The ISS

NASA’s Robonaut 2 gets to work aboard the ISS.

NASA’s Robonaut 2 Finally Gets Unboxed

Astronauts aboard the ISS have finally unpacked their robotic team mate, Robonaut 2.

Robonaut R2 To Get Its Space Legs?

NASA sending Robonaut R2 to the ISS; may also walk on the moon – conceptual animations included.

Robonaut2 doesn’t use Shadow Robot’s technology

Despite working with Shadow Robot on the original Robonaut, it has been confirmed that Robonaut2 does not make use of their technology.

• Robonaut2 (R2)

NASA and GM have unveiled the new version of their robotic astronaut, Robonaut2.