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Archive for the 'TMSUK' Category

• Kiyomori

TMSUK’s full-size samurai robot.

• T-82

A medieval knight in shining armor showcased miniature actuators for use in robot hands in 2006.

• Banryu T73S & HRS-Q11

A comprehensive look at a series of household security guards in the shape of dinosaurs.

• Banryu T7S & T72S

A look back at TMSUK’s Stegosaurus and Triceratops robots.

• Shinpo

Shinpo was developed by TMSUK and Waseda University to walk without the typical bent-knees approach seen in most bipedal robots. It is on permanent display at Niigata Hall of Natural Science.

• Mujiro / Ligurio

Mujiro and it’s twin Ligurio are two security droids developed by TMSUK Co. Ltd.. These unusual-looking robots were first deployed at the Aichi Expo in 2005.

• Enryu T-53

The third iteration in TMSUK’s line of rescue robots, built to help move debris after earthquakes.

• Enryu T-52

TMSUK’s Enryu T-52, the descendant of the T-5, is a rescue robot designed to lift and move debris after a major disaster, such as earthquakes.