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Archive for the 'Osaka University' Category

Robot Video Round-Up

A few videos, one is a brief clip from NHK about the new baby robots from Osaka & Tokyo University, the other shows the open source robot Qbo being controlled with a Wii remote.

• M3-Kindy & Infant Robot Noby

JST Erato Asada Project, with Osaka University, AIST, and Tokyo University, have developed two new child robots that will be used to study cognitive development.

JEAP Symposium Just Around The Corner

A symposium on baby robots will be rounded out by a demonstration at the end of the week.

• JoiTech Humanoid

The University of Osaka and the Osaka Institute of Technology have teamed up to create a new full-sized humanoid robot.

Prof. Minoru Asada on RoboCup & CB²

Prof. Minoru Asada recently gave an hour long talk about RoboCup and CB² in which he showed some previously unseen footage of the robots and experiments.