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Archive for the 'Robovie R3' Category

Osaka Promotes Local Robots To Mascot Duty

Osaka promotes local robots built by Vstone, ATR, and Eager Co. Ltd. to public relations positions.

ATR’s Ubiquitous Market

An overview of ATR’s UbiMart shopping system, that uses sensors and robots to track and improve customer service.

Robovie R3: Telepresence Tour Guide

Local volunteers take control of the Robovie R3 to tell tourists about local landmarks.

Robovie-R Ver.3 Will Go Shopping This November

Robovie-R Ver.3 will go shopping this November as part of field trials to determine the robot’s commercial viability.

ATR and VSTONE present Robovie-R Ver.3

ATR and Vstone formally present the Robovie-R Ver.3, including some new photos and videos.

• Robovie R3

ATR and Vstone have announced the third version in their Robovie line of humanoid robots.