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Archive for the 'TV & MOVIE REVIEWS' Category

• Extreme Machines – Incredible Robots

A review of the robot episode by Discovery Channel’s Extreme Machines.

• Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution

Beyond Human is another excellent documentary that looks at robotics and transhumanism, circa 2001.

• Robots Rising

A documentary from 1998 serves as a snapshot of robotics development at that time.

• Short Circuit 2

A review of the 1988 sequel to Short Circuit.

• Agora

Set in Alexandria, circa 400 A.D., this film explores the relationship between religion, science, and politics.

• Short Circuit

A review of the classic ’80s movie Short Circuit.

• Transcendent Man

A review of Transcendent Man, which looks at inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil and his predictions.

• Runaway

It’s hard to believe this movie was made two years after Blade Runner, hitting theaters two months after the original Terminator.