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Archive for the 'TV & MOVIE REVIEWS' Category

The Gift (cool sci-fi short)

A science fiction short with high production values with a dark, eerie vibe.

1:1 Evangelion Unit 01 Bust Under Construction

A new giant robot statue is going on display in Japan this July, from one of the most popular giant robot anime series ever created.

• The Cove

The Cove’s heavy-handedness towards Japan clouds the bigger issue, but still delivers an important message.

• Gentlemen Broncos

An offbeat comedy in the vein of Napolean Dynamite, only much more esoteric. If you like oddball movies then you’ll have a better chance of enjoying it.

GAIKING / Shogun Warriors Movie Teaser Hits Web

Shogun Warriors (aka GAIKING) is getting a live-action Hollywood makeover, and this is the teaser.

Bots High Documentary Needs Your Help

Bots High is a documentary in the making, but film director Joey Daoud needs a bit of help if his film is going to be completed.

• Alice in Wonderland

Passable, but doesn’t even approach the film I imagined given the pairing of Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland.

• Avalon

Avalon at first appears to be something of a poor man’s Matrix, but it manages to successfully carve its own niche by exploring what may yet become the future of video games.