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Archive for the 'DFKI Bremen' Category

AILA teleoperated with CAPIO exoskeleton

A video shows AILA being teleoperated with an upper-body exoskeleton.

AILA ISS Trains For Work Aboard The Space Station

AILA is being programmed for a trip into space.

Mr. SemProM, AILA’s Older Brother

A German package-handling robot that reads important details through RFID.

Female Robot AILA Stars In New Video

DFKI’s female humanoid robot stars in a new video, where it demonstrates autonomous package moving capabilities.

Video Overview of DFKI’s Robotics

DFKI Robotics shares some of their work through an informative and entertaining 10 minute presentation video.


DFKI Bremen showcased a prototype robot called AILA at Hannover Messe 2010.