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Archive for the 'Team NimbRo' Category

Team NimbRo develops open source Teen Size robot

I wrote an article about Team Nimbro’s Teen Size RoboCup robot, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

First Look: TeenSize-OP by Team NimbRo & Robotis

Earlier we got wind that Robotis would launch a new TeenSize robot to complement the popular (KidSize) DARwIn-OP.  When Team Darwin showed off their TeenSize robot (see here), we thought that it was the likely candidate for this new robot.  As it turns out, the TeenSize counterpart to the DARwIn-OP was developed by members of […]

Watch Team NimbRo Win RoboCup 2011’s @Home Competition

An entertaining video recap of Team NimbRo’s winning performance at RoboCup 2011’s @Home League.

Team DARwIn, NimbRo Score Big At RoboCup 2011

The United States has won both the KidSize and AdultSize League competitions at RoboCup 2011 thanks to Virginia Tech’s Team DARwIn.

NAO’s RoboCup Skills Continue To Improve

NAO seems to have better walking skills than it did last year.

Video: Team NimbRo TeenSize (Best Humanoid)

Team NimbRo’s triumphs in the TeenSize League at RoboCup 2010 are showcased.

Congrats to Team NimbRo! Best Overall Humanoid

Team NimbRo won Best Humanoid overall at RoboCup 2010 in Singapore.

Team NimbRo Kicking Butt at RoboCup German Open 2010

Team NimbRo competes in the Standard Class with the NAO for the first time this year, and made it all the way to the finals! Congrats!