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Archive for the 'IIT' Category

Towards Intelligent Humanoid Robots – iCub 2012

A video about the ongoing iCub project.

• pMA Gorilla “Lucy”

An ape-like robot that uses pneumatic muscle actuators.

This Little Robot Can Sure Run Its Ass Off

A video showcasing a fast biped robot developed at Tsinghua University, China, and the Italian Institute of Technology.

• HyQ

The Italian Institute of Technology’s hydraulically actuated quadruped.

Video: COMAN Takes Its First Steps

The iCub’s lower legs walk for the first time.

Wax On, Wax Off, Young Grassbotta

A humanoid robot has learned how to wipe a whiteboard clean.

Robot Settles New Year’s Resolution So You Don’t Have To

The iCub shows off by doing some push ups in this Rocky-inspired clip.

Video: iCub Shows Off Its Force Control

A video showcasing the iCub’s force control when disturbed by unexpected external forces.