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Archive for the 'Fujitsu' Category

Fujitsu’s Robotic Care Bear

A new therapeutic robot developed by Fujitsu in the form of a teddy bear can respond to a user’s facial expressions and behavior.

Fujitsu’s Robot Kiosk Has Funny Face, Recognizes Yours

Face recognition technology is paving the way people interact with informational displays.

ENON flirts with shoppers

Fujitsu’s ENON was spotted at a mall giving its marketing pitch to bystanders.

ENON Delivers Targeted Marketing in Restaurants

Fujitsu’s office robot may find a new line of work by advertising in restaurant lobbies. It detects your gender and approximate age to deliver appropriate ads.

Fujitsu’s Remodeled ENON at IREX 2009

Fujitsu pumped up the battery capacity of their service robot ENON, and removed its arms for a slimmer more practical design.