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Archive for the 'KAIST' Category

HUBO dances, prepares for DARPA Challenge

Videos of HUBO dancing.

ICRA 2012 Plenary Session: Outline of HUBO 2

A summary of Dr. Jun Ho Oh’s plenary session from ICRA 2012, which gives an overview of his lab’s advanced humanoid robot research platform.

Video: HUBO 2 Throws First Pitch at Cubs-Phillies Game

HUBO 2 throws a disappointing first pitch at a Cubs-Phillies baseball game.

The USA’s Magnificent 7 Full-Size Humanoids

A historic deal with South Korea paves the way for humanoid robots in the United States.

Plant Guard Robot Helps You Grow A Greener Thumb

A robot that helps you take better care of your plants.

KAIST Sells 8 Full-Scale Humanoid Robots to US, Singapore

South Korea will pump $26M USD into its robotics programs in 2011, and KAIST has announced that it has sold 8 full-scale humanoids to universities in America and Singapore.

Jaemi HUBO Practicing for Live Music Gig

Jaemi HUBO is learning how to detect tempo using optical flow.

I Can Put My Arm Back On, You Can’t, So Play Safe

Jaemi HUBO’s unfortunate accident in early May 2010 is now just a bad memory.