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Archive for the 'KAIST' Category

Mung; The Robotic Blob with Noble Ambitions

KAIST and Yonsei University developed this odd looking robot in 2007 and have been coming up with new ways to use it since.

OUCH! HUBO 2 Suffers Stage Dive Accident

Jaemi HUBO suffered a bad fall in preparation for a ceremony, and was badly damaged as a result.

Dr. Jun Ho Oh Dishes on HUBO 2

IEEE Spectrum interviewed KAIST’s Dr. Jun Ho Oh, and shot some video of the lab’s humanoid robot.

Behind-The-Scenes Video of HUBO 2

Dan Lofaro, PhD candidate at Drexel University, uploaded some behind-the-scenes videos of HUBO 2 from his visit to KAIST back in 2008.

A Brief Q & A with Dan Lofaro, Roboticist & Jaemi HUBO Caretaker

An interview with Dan Lofaro, a PhD candidate at Drexel’s Autonomous Systems Lab, who is working with HUBO 2, one of the world’s most advanced humanoid robots.

Jaemi HUBO tests out new leg

Drexel University’s Jaemi HUBO (the American sibling to KAIST’s HUBO 2) got a new leg, which is demonstrated in this video.

HUBO 2 is part American!

KAIST’s world famous HUBO 2 was partly designed by an American student studying mechanical engineering at Drexel University.


KAIST is developing a sympathetic robot that can detect your emotional state from the tone of your voice.