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Archive for the 'KAIST' Category

• HanSaRam VII

KAIST’s RIT Lab has been developing small humanoid robots called HanSaRam for several years. The VII version was given small hands.

• HanSaRam V & VI

KAIST’s RIT Lab continued to refine the small bipedal humanoid robots in 2003 and 2004.

• HanSaRam I~IV

Beginning in 2000, KAIST’s RIT Lab began development of small humanoid robots, called HanSaRam, to test bipedal walking gaits.

• KHR-3 (HUBO)

KAIST’s KHR-3 was given the name “HUBO” for Humanoid Robot. It made several appearances on television both in South Korea and abroad.

• KHR-2

KAIST’s Korean Humanoid Robot entered its 2nd development phase in 2003. This version has significant upgrades in the form of hands (with individual fingers) and a head.

• Amiet

KAIST’s AIM lab enhanced their previous humanoid robot Ami with this more feminine robot capable of more expressive behaviors.

KAIST SDIA developing better intelligence for hobby robots

KAIST SDIA is developing an intelligence platform for hobby robot kits, and using it in autonomous robot fighting tournaments.

• Steward Robot Joy

KAIST’s Human-friendly Welfare Robot System Engineering Research Center has developed a smart home environment called Intelligent Sweet Home. The Steward Robot Joy is part of this complex system which aims to provide independent living for the elderly or disabled.