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Archive for the 'VIDEO GAME REVIEWS' Category

GCW Zero handheld plays all your favorite classic games

I wrote an article about a portable gaming emulation machine, which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

• The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang

developed by Red Company, published by Naxat 1 player / 3 save slots / Super Nintendo / ??.06.1994 A young vampire prince is the hero in The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, an action RPG sequel to the Japan-only PC-Engine platformer Makai Prince Dorabocchan (1990). In this game, the young vampire prince Spike McFang is […]

• Alundra 2

developed by Matrix Software, published by Activision 1 disc, 1 player, 1 save block / SONY PS1 / 29.02.2000 Alundra 2 ditches the 2D visuals and dark subject matter of the original in favor of 3D graphics and a comical adventure story. However, the action RPG game play of the original is largely kept intact, […]

LG’s 3D smart TVs also have popular gaming apps

I wrote an article about gaming on an LG smart TV, which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

• Alundra

developed by Matrix Software, published by Working Designs 1 player / 1 CD-ROM / PlayStation, PSN Classic / 31.12.1997 On the surface Alundra looks like a garden-variety Zelda clone, but at heart it shares more in common with Landstalker (SEGA Genesis), featuring challenging jumping puzzles not found in the Zelda franchise. That’s no surprise as […]

• Tail Concerto

developed by CyberConnect, published by Atlus 1 player / 1 CD-ROM / PlayStation / 3.11.1999 CyberConnect’s Tail Concerto is a cute little 3D action platformer for the original PlayStation starring anthropomorphic dogs and cats designed by Nobuteru Yuki (probably most famous for his character designs in the television series Escaflowne). It’s the first game in […]

• The Divide: Enemies Within

developed by Radical Entertainment, published by Viacom 1 Player / 1 CD-ROM / PlayStation / 1996 A hunted race of advanced A.I. beings leaves Earth in search of a new home in The Divide: Enemies Within. After your mothership releases probes on an alien world, the local wildlife goes berserk and you and your partner […]

The Top 15 Wii Games

I wrote a list of the top 15 Wii games, published at Gizmag. Read it here.