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Archive for the 'VIDEO GAME REVIEWS' Category

• Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

developed by Intelligent Systems, published by Nintendo 1 player / Nintendo GameCube / 2004.10.11 Like the N64 before it, the GameCube didn’t get too many RPGs. Intelligent Systems once again picks up the slack with a sequel to Paper Mario, subtitled The Thousand Year Door. This time Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach that […]

• Paper Mario

A review of Paper Mario (Nintendo 64). Also available on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles.

• For Frog The Bell Tolls

developed & published by Nintendo 1 player / Nintendo GameBoy / 1992.9.4 For Frog The Bell Tolls is one of those Nintendo games that annoyingly never saw publication outside of Japan. Developed for the original GameBoy in 1992, it laid the foundation for the excellent The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening. Penned by Yoshio […]

• Super Mario Sunshine

developed & published by Nintendo 1 player / Nintendo GameCube / 2002.8.26 With Super Mario Odyssey returning the series to open-ended level design, I felt now was a good time to replay Super Mario Sunshine. While it was generally well received, Sunshine has dropped on lists of the best 3D Mario games in the last […]

• The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker HD

developed & published by Nintendo 1 player / Nintendo Wii U / 2013.9.20 Having just completed The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild, I wondered how well The Wind Waker would hold up. Originally released on the Game Cube in 2003, the HD remaster arrived on the Wii U a decade later. Not […]

• Vandal Hearts

developed & published by Konami 1 player / SONY PlayStation / 1997.3.27 Konami threw its hat into the turn-based strategy RPG arena with Vandal Hearts on the PlayStation, an unusual move for a publisher that had virtually no genre experience or reputation. Perhaps as a result Vandal Hearts makes no attempt to reinvent the wheel, […]

• The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask 3D

developed by Nintendo & Grezzo, published by Nintendo 1 player / Nintendo 3DS / 2015.3.13 Masks are present in almost every human culture, and some are said to spiritually transform the wearer during sacred rites. Despite this, scant few videogames feature masks as a primary element in either story or game design. Nintendo cleverly introduced […]

• Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted does a good job of imitating Hollywood action movies, but most of its best moments take place in unplayable cut-scenes.