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Archive for the 'VIDEO GAME REVIEWS' Category

• Super Princess Peach

developed by Nintendo & Tose, published by Nintendo 1 player/3 save slots/Nintendo DS/2006.02.27 The Mario franchise has spawned countless entries in the hop-n-bop platformer genre, but surprisingly Nintendo hasn’t made a game specifically starring the series’ archetypal damsel in distress until now.  She most notably appeared as one of the four selectable characters in the […]

• Retro Game Challenge

Take a time machine back to the early ’80s and revisit the golden era of gaming!

• Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

A visually impressive RPG romp that successfully combines elements of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

• Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

The elusive 6th chapter in the long-running and most celebrated role-playing game series ever has finally been released outside of Japan!

SEGA CHAN, SEGA’s Forgotten ’80s Robot

An arcade flyer for a promotional robot called SEGA CHAN.

• Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga

The director of the original Mario RPG returns to the series on the GameBoy Advance, and mixes things up by allowing players to control both brothers simultaneously.

• Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

The 2nd Castlevania game to hit the GBA has its share of faults, but is good enough to recommend.

• Tail of the Sun

Tail of the Sun: Wild, Pure, Simple Life is a strange but immensely enjoyable game if you approach it with the right mindset.