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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

Chinese Robot Statue

An impressive robot statue built out of old, unusable parts was recently put on display in China.

Photoshop Phriday

Let’s take a look into the future to see what the world will look like once the robots have taken over!

Impromptu Art Critic, round 2

In this, the 2nd of 2 parts, we look at children’s drawings of ASIMO.

Say Farewell to Giant Gundam

Unfortunately, the 1:1 Gundam Statue on Odaiba island, which was never going to be its permanent location, is being dismantled.

Kobe Tetsujin Project almost completed…

A photo of the almost completed Kobe Tetsujin Project.

Takatoku Robot Maker, ’80s LCD game

Takatoku Toys made a Game & Watch rip-off LCD game in 1982 where you assembled robots on the production floor of a factory.

Makeshift Art Critic

A bunch of kids got to meet ASIMO, and afterward they captured the moment with these sometimes beautiful, sometimes frightening drawings.

ROBIT Storage System holds stuff so you don’t have to

ROBO BASE is selling a fine piece of furniture that doubles as a robot.