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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

Will Wagenaar’s Tin Can Robots

Will Wagenaar creates robots out of antique tin cans and other paraphernalia.


Though its advertisement suggests it was designed with safety in mind, this ’70s playground looks anything but…

“Dr.Robot’s” Vintage Robots Restored

Thanks to the Kanagawa Institute of Technology, forgotten robots built in the ’50s by the late Dr. Aizawa Zirou are being resurrected for all to enjoy.

Kobe’s Tetusjin 28 Monument shaping up nicely

The Kobe Tetsujin project is starting to come together, with the head nicely painted and already on site.

Agricultural Machinery Repairman’s Recycled Mechanical Artworks

An mechanic has salvaged enough parts from his repair shop’s junk bins to fashion 140 unique sculptures, some of which are about to be displayed in Gwangju City Art Museum Children’s Gallery, South Korea.

Kentucky Fried Robot?

Colonel Sanders gets dressed up like Evangelion, apparently to promote a new movie or tv series.

Welcome to Plastic Pals!

Introductory posting. Welcome to Plastic Pals!