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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

Conceptualizing The DARPA Robotics Challenge

A summary of the design process that went into a conceptual robot for the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Robot Communications’ Mascot Paints The Town Red

ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS opened its doors in 1986 as a television commercial production/facilitating agency and graphic design company. ROBOT has since expanded into producing feature films, animation, web and mobile contents. No one in the industry would have imagined such diverse expansion at the time of ROBOT’s establishment. ROBOT has achieved excellence in each of these […]

Book Review: Loving The Machine

A review of Tim Hornyak’s examination of the Japanese love affair with humanoid robots.

Guest Interview: Anthrobotic x Cybernetic Zoo

A guest interview by Reno Tibke ( with Reuben Hoggett (

Visit the Cybernetic Zoo

A look at antique automatons presented by Cybernetic Zoo.

The Robots of Taejon Expo 1993

Video and photos of the robots that appeared at Taejon Expo ’93.

Book Review: Inside The Robot Kingdom

A book examining Japan’s adoption of industrial robots and robots in history and pop-culture.

Meet KURATAS, the 3.8 Meter Tall Kinect-Based Mecha

A preview of Vaudeville, a planned 3.8 meter, 4500 kg single-occupant mecha being built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Japan.