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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

Robots in Advertising: Hardees / Carl’s Jr.

Another tv commercial starring a robot.

Thai Sculptor Transforms Scrap Metal Into Amazing Artwork

Artwork based on Transformers robots.

Infographic: Small Humanoid Robots In Research

An infographic comparing most of the small humanoid robots being used in research today.

Cubelets Package Design Contest

Our design for the Cubelets package design contest held by Modular Robotics.

SEGA CHAN, SEGA’s Forgotten ’80s Robot

An arcade flyer for a promotional robot called SEGA CHAN.

Japan To Send Humanoid Robot Into Space In 2013

JAXA has announced plans to send a humanoid robot to the ISS in 2013.

Chinese Theme Park Redesigns Their Gundam Knock-Off

The Chinese theme park that ripped-off Japan’s Gundam statue has modified it to appease international copyright law.

2010: Year In Review

We look back at some of the robot developments from 2010.