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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

New Recommended Link: The Featured Creature

A new link added to our “Recommended Sites” listing.

The Marvelous Machinations of Yoshikazu Senkoji

Adorable robots and their strange machines feature prominently in the crafty artwork of Yoshikazu Senkoji.

Robots in Advertising: Geico

Another round of robots in advertising courtesy of Geico.

Robots in Advertising: LG’s Robot Mascot Strikes Again

A few commercials featuring LG’s lovable robot mascot.

Char’s Zaku Could Be Japan’s Next Life-Sized Giant Robot Statue

Mr. Takayama of Mibu, Tochigi, wants Japan’s next giant robot statue to be Char’s Zaku.

Contest! Plastic Pals Turns 2 Years Old

Our website turned 2, and to celebrate we’re giving away a very cool and very rare figure based on Hitachi’s loveable EMIEW-2 robot.

Robots in Adveritising: Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects

Big Lazy Robot comes back with more robotic goodness.

Robots in Advertising: Hardees / Carl’s Jr.

Another tv commercial starring a robot.