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Archive for the 'FEATURED ARTICLES' Category

Photo: Robot Statue Made from Old Truck

A real-life Transformer in statue form.

Mechanical Matrimony Mix Up

A Chicago couple claim that their wedding was the world’s first robot wedding, instead of the widely reported one that took place recently in Japan.

Robots Entertain in Plays, Puppet Shows

Robots are increasingly being used in stage plays, including a puppet show in South Korea.

Photo: Retro Robot Vending Machine

I want all vending machines to look like this.

Photo: Robot Statue in Dallas, Texas

A shiny, friendly traveler appears in Dallas, Texas.

Cam Baby robot toys bring home the Baby Bot fun

First there was robots, then robot babies. Now there’s robot baby toys.

1:1 Gundam Gets Light Saber Upgrade

The Gundam statue returns, and this time he won’t forget to bring his sword.

Bots High Documentary Needs Your Help

Bots High is a documentary in the making, but film director Joey Daoud needs a bit of help if his film is going to be completed.