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Archive for the 'PAL Robotics' Category

REEM: PAL Robotics’ Commercial Humanoid Service Robot

PAL Robotics has launched REEM, a new humanoid service robot.

Three Humanoid Robot Reveals Coming Up

Three new humanoid robots are set to be revealed in November and December.

Reminder: PAL Robotics’ Contest Ends This Friday

A reminder of PAL Robotics’ contest deadline, and a sneak peek at Plastic Pals’ entry.

PAL Robotics Extends Contest Deadline

PAL Robotics has extended the contest deadline by 2 weeks.

Reminder: PAL Robotics’ Contest Deadline Is This Friday!

A quick reminder that the deadline for the first two contests by PAL Robotics will soon catch up!


A multilingual service robot that can carry your bags developed in Spain.

Pal Robotics’ Humanoid Robot Contests!

A couple of contests offering cash prizes for incentive ask you to design a robot and think up great robotics applications.


PAL Technology & Icarus Technology are creating humanoid bipedal robots for the United Arab Emirates. Reem-B is the 2nd generation in their line of robots.