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Archive for the 'Toyota' Category

Toyota Diversifies with General Life Support Services

Toyota’s automobile dealerships will soon include showrooms for general life support services including Toyota Housing, personal mobility devices, and Partner Robots.

• TPR-Robina

Toyota’s TPR-Robina is a robotic assistant that serves as a tour guide and receptionist at Toyota’s Kaikan Hall in Japan.

• Toyota Partner Robot ver. 8 Violin-Playing Robot

Toyota unveiled a bipedal humanoid robot capable of playing the violin December 6th, 2007.

• Toyota Partner Robot ver. 7 DJ Robot

Toyota’s Partner Robot band, Concero, was rounded out with this DJ robot.

• Toyota Partner Robot ver.6 Rolling Type (Drums, Tuba)

Toyota’s Partner Robot band, Concero, featured this rolling type robot for playing heavier instruments such as the tuba and drums.

• Partner Robot ver.5 Rolling Type (Trumpet ver.2) “Dave”

Toyota refined their rolling type humanoid in time for the Aichi Expo of 2005.

• Partner Robot ver.4 Walking Type (Trumpet ver.2) “Harry”

Toyota updated their original bipedal humanoid, making it taller and thinner, while retaining its ability to play the trumpet. It was built specifically for the Aichi Expo of 2005.

• Toyota Partner Robot ver.3 Wire Type

This was one of the Partner Robots Toyota initially displayed in 2003.